The year was 2000. One special educator, one child, a table, a chair and plenty of determination is all it took. Voila, Orkids was an entity! Orkids was born because of the sheer will to reach out to those families who did not have access to the handful of special educational services spread thin all over the city…

Our Philosophy

Orkids philosophy is simple. Be that Friend – Be that Mentor – Be that Guide.

The friend that helps you value yourself, the mentor that let’s you find your own lens of the world, and the guide that recognizes and helps you overcome your struggles. We help diversify the mind of a child who is considerably different from their peers. Help them discover and celebrate their unique perspectives at the same time enabling them with tools to be an active part of the world.


Friend – A secure and encouraging environment, Where all children feel comfortable expressing themselves.


Guide – Showing the array of possibilities for every action and empowering our children to decide for themselves.


Mentor – Hand holding all children during the highs and lows of their varied experiences.


Orkids provides remedial services for children with academic, socioemotional and behavioural challenges.
At Orkids, we run:
~Multidisciplinary clinics where children receive remedial intervention, assessments, therapy and training.
~Orkids Within Schools where our special educators cater to children with special educational needs within school set ups.
~Orkids on Wheels is a free service which caters to children from underprivileged backgrounds.
~Regular and online courses, workshops and talks for aspiring special educators, teachers and parents.
~Assessment and psycho-diagnostic camps in schools across cities in India and neighboring countries.
~o-PEN, a body for empowerment of parents who are equal stakeholders in education of children.

Any deficit in a child’s development requires input in not just the child’s intrinsic but also extrinsic environments. To enhance the child’s skill base, we need to enhance other settings like the school, the home, the playground, and not just work with children in isolation. To create holistic improvement in a child, we need to work not only with the child but also schools, teachers, educators, parents, siblings and caregivers. This belief underlies all the work we do at Orkids.

We believe that education is for all – all through our life, so let’s not stop at ‘educating’ just the child.

Get to Know us


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