Early Intervention

Early Intervention – Research has repeatedly proven that Early Intervention is the best form of intervention. The earlier the identification happens and the intervention begins, higher are the chances of the child being mainstreamed. EI becomes vital in certain conditions like developmental delays and intellectual disabilities as taking advantage of the critical period of developments becomes imperative. Areas like motor and sensory, speech and language and concept formation, all are given due weightage in EI. Keeping in mind the high need for EI Orkids Hub is introducing EI program for 0 to 2 and 2 to 6 years. The program will cover all the relevant areas and will be overseen by trained professionals including occupational therapists, sensory integration therapists, speech and language therapists and special educators.

0 to 2 years – 3 times a week, 9 to 12 AM

2 to 6 years – 5 times a week, 9 to 12 AM


  • structured environment for intervention
  • IEP (Individualised Education Plan) for all children
  • Monthly Meet Ups with parents
  • State of the Art equipment
  • Home follow up plan


  • based on Orkids unique experience of almost 20 years
  • trained professionals – OT, SIT, Sp and Lang therapists and Sp educators
  • focused intervention starting at the earliest