Important News & Milestones

Directorate of Education, GNCT of Delhi has taken various steps in its endeavour to strengthen Inclusive Education w.r.t. Children with Special Needs (CWSN) studying in Govt. and Govt. Aided Schools. In this context the inputs/support were sought from various organisations working and having relevant expertise in the field of disability (s)/inclusive education.
DOE, GNCTD provided five days (maximum for one disability) Hands on Training (practical training) to Special Education Teachers (SETs) working in Govt schools in order to strengthen their ability to teach children with different disabilities other than the disability in which they have specialised.
ORKIDS conducted a five day workshop for special education teachers working in Govt Schools in the area/specialization of Specific Learning Disabilities. It was conducted from 31st July – 4th August 2017 at Orkids Multidisciplinary Clinic, Kalkaji and was attended by a group of 30 SETs.


Feb 2016 – July 2016 – Orkids’ latest Research oriented initiative is a collaborative research project at HGSE Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA.

Orkids’ founder President Dr. Geet Oberoi, a Visiting Scholar at Harvard, is currently doing a collaborative research with Dr Catherine Snow, Henry Lee Shattuck Professor of Education at HGSE. It is a 6 month project being executed under the banner of Orkids OutReach Program, under Orkids Foundation.



The research is on language acquisition and is geared to highlight the importance of native language in learning the 2nd language (Hindi and English). This is a first of its kind not only in India but also at Harvard. This research aims to give native language the much-needed documented proof of how the teaching of native language facilitates learning of English. A much needed realization especially for our schools working at grass root levels.

2013-14 –  Developing a screening tool for children with Learning Disabilities – As part of the Educational Neuroscience programme of the Department of Science and Technology, the National Brain Research Centre (NBRC), an autonomous Institute of Dept. of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt of India, has developed a screening tool for school teachers to help screen children with learning disabilities, with Orkids being one of the co-investigators in this nationwide project.


3. Indo-US Psycholinguistic Study – Orkids was on site partners with Haskin Laboratories, CT, USA to conduct the Research Program to understand the psycholinguistic processing underlying skilled reading in Hindi-English bilingual adults in Jan 2011.