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Current programs

Orkids On Wheels (OOW) are moving environments [Mobile resource centres] which aim to reach out to children in schools for the underprivileged, who are facing difficulties in learning skills so as to cut away the glaring limitations of formal infrastructure, resource material and at times the resource personnel, not to mention the barriers of accessibility, funding, scarcity of professionals and time.

Research oriented initiative is a collaborative research project at HGSE Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA. Orkids’ founder President Dr. Geet Oberoi, a Visiting Scholar at Harvard, is currently doing a collaborative research with Dr Catherine Snow, Henry Lee Shattuck Professor of Education at HGSE. It is a 6 month project being executed under the banner of Orkids OutReach Program, under Orkids Foundation. The research is on language acquisition and is geared to highlight the importance of native language in learning the 2nd language (Hindi and English). This is a first of its kind not only in India but also at Harvard. This research aims to give native language the much-needed documented proof of how the teaching of native language facilitates learning of English. A much needed realization especially for our schools working at grass root levels.

Free Assessments wherein children who require psycho educational assessments and counseling will receive free services of trained psychologists. It is to facilitate clearer understanding of the students and their diverse needs by the teachers and the parents and reinforcing a combined effort to work with the students.

Sponsorships for meritorious Teacher trainees from EWS categories as well as rebates in remedial education to children from marginalised strata of society

Orkids is the pioneer organization working in the field of Learning Disabilities and covering both assessment and remedial intervention of children and professional development for educators. It started with one teacher and one child in the year 2000 and has steadily grown over the last 15 years. After thousands of students and hundreds of trained educators and not to mention the difference made to the families of the affected, we would like support to reach out to those who are unable to due to constraints of resources or awareness.

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