first screen® by Orkids

first screen® by Orkids – a free application available on Google Playstore

In today’s world where time is easily the most precious commodity, it has become imperative to save time in each sphere of our lives. Orkids has attempted to do exactly that for both parents and educators by developing an application based screening tool to identify the developmental disorders a child may have or be ‘at risk’ of developing. first screen® app by Orkids for Specific Learning Disabilities and related disorders is a checklist of signs and symptoms which has been tested with over 100 children from different schools and different classes. The ages it caters to range from 4 years to 18 years.

The screening covers 9 domains – Reading & Spelling, Written Expression, Oral Language, Motor Skills, Attention, Social Skills, Mathematics, Executive Functions and Memory.

Using this app not only saves time that may be otherwise spent in searching for the right answers, but also shares the way forward in case of need.

Salient Features

  • For parents, teachers, special educators and psychologists
  • Free
  • Available in English and in Hindi
  • 20-25 mins per child
  • Parent/teacher/informed adult may fill the checklist
  • For school going children
  • Covers development areas and behaviours
  • Instant visual feedback report on submission of a completed checklist
  • Action plan highlighting areas of difficulty faced by the child and a suggested way forward
  • Facilitate early identification and intervention

It is important to keep in mind that the child should have been exposed to at least 1 year of formal instruction (teaching) in a school before attempting to use the tool. The screening tool is filled by a parent, a teacher or an adult who ‘knows’ the child’s academic and behavioural history. The time taken is about 20-25 minutes per child. A feedback report will be generated after the submission of a completed checklist. The report highlights the areas of difficulty the child faces and a suggested action plan.

So go ahead and use the app to save time and intervene early to maximise the overall development of your child. Remember time doesn’t stand still for anyone!