NGO Registration Number: S-68958/2010

First Screen by Orkids!
First Screen Tool for Specific Learning Disabilities is a comprehensive checklist of signs and symptoms meticulously validated through testing with over 100 children across diverse schools and grade levels. This tool is applicable to children aged 4 to 18 years, provided they have received at least one year of formal instruction in a school setting before using the screening tool.
This user-friendly screening tool is designed to be completed by a parent, teacher, or any adult familiar with the child’s academic and behavioral history. The assessment typically takes approximately 20-25 minutes per child. Upon submission of the checklist, a feedback report is generated, offering insights into the child’s performance across various areas, pinpointing specific areas of difficulty, and proposing a tailored action plan for further support and intervention.

Orkids first screen is an android app which can be downloaded from play store free of cost.

The screening covers 9 domains – reading & spelling, written expression, oral language, motor skills, attention, social skills, mathematics, executive functions and memory.

Salient Features:
  • First Screen is a multilingual tool across 12 languages
    1. English
    2. Hindi
    3. Urdu
    4. Bengali
    5. Assamese
    6. Gujarati
    7. Tamil
    8. Telugu
    9. Malayalam
    10. Marathi
    11. Kannada
    12. Punjabi
  • 90 scoring items with 3 point answers (yes, maybe, no/NA)
  • To be filled by a parent or a teacher who knows the child for at least 6 months
  • Takes 20-25 minutes to complete
  • Each completed screening generates a visual (as opposed to text) feedback report giving the future recommendations
    Also gives a sub-skills of each of the 9 domains it covers.
  • Is available both in Hindi and English.
  • Is free
  • Is for school going children.