NGO Registration Number: S-68958/2010

Remediation aims to support students in attaining the required proficiency in fundamental academic skills such as literacy and numeracy. Its purpose is to bridge the disparity between what a child knows and what he is expected to know.
Therapists employ learning aids, assistive techniques, play way methods to help kids to enhance children’s attention skills and phonetics awareness. The focus includes developing fundamental concepts such as logical and analytical skills, ultimately improving school performance. Remediation not only alleviates boredom but also boosts attention, making the learning process enjoyable for students.

One on one English remedial session with a focus on recognition of sight words

One on one Hindi remedial sessions with a focus on ‘mataras’

One on one English remedial session with a focus on ‘initial blends’.

Home Plans & Online Remedial Sessions

Orkids provides Home plans for children with special needs through individualized and tailored programs that cater to the unique educational and developmental requirements of each child. These plans are designed to be implemented in the home environment to support the learning and growth of children facing challenges. They include adapted curriculum and therapeutic activities for structured learning with parental involvement.
Educational interventions are also conducted over the internet to provide additional support and assistance to students who may be experiencing difficulties in specific areas. These sessions aim to address learning gaps, reinforce foundational concepts, and help individuals overcome challenges in their studies. Remote accessibility through the use of technology provides targeted support with or without parental involvement.