NGO Registration Number: S-68958/2010

Learning goes on throughout life. With this universal truth guiding us , Orkids has developed both short term & long term professional development courses. These are opportunities for in-service teachers to upgrade their teaching skills and teacher trainees to learn the latest methodology & strategy in successfully negotiating a truly inclusive classroom. Some of our popular courses are as follows :


  1. Diploma Courses
  2. Certificate Courses
  3. Basic/Advance level workshops on LD
  4. Awareness workshop in schools
  5. CRE workshops for Special educators

Teacher workshop on Awareness building regarding inclusion in schools

The SENCO Course, duration 1 year, with small group discussions

The Teacher Assistant (TA) Course for training participants to become competent teacher assistants in an inclusive classroom

5-day training workshop for all teachers of Presidium School on Inclusive Strategies for the classroom