NGO Registration Number: S-68958/2010

Bilingualism Research oriented initiative is a collaborative research project with Harvard Graduate School of Education, HGSE, USA. This biliteracy acquisition research is geared to highlight the importance of native language, L1 (mother tongue) minimum learning of the second language, L2 (English). This longitudinal research is a pioneering project in India and amongst the first ever at Harvard. This aims to highlight the importance of the mother tongue (Hindi) in gaining proficiency in the second language (English). This documented evidence will give the much-needed impetus to the medium of instruction to be in the mother tongue especially in the formative years.

Professor Catherine Snow, John H. and Elisabeth A. Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education, Faculty Co-Chair, Literacy and Languages Concentration, with Dr Geet Oberoi, founder Orkids

Dyslexia Assessment of Languages of India (DALI) has been developed by National Brain Research Centre (NBRC), an autonomous Institute of Dept. of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt of India with Orkids being one of the principal investigators in the research study. DALI is a comprehensive tool to assess Dyslexia in children from classes 1 to 5, available in four Indian languages besides Hindi and English.

DALI launched by Shri Harsh Vardhan, minister of Science and Technology in 2015
Indo – US Psycholinguistic Study – Orkids was on site partners with Haskin Laboratories, CT, USA to conduct the research program to understand the psycholinguistic processing underlying skilled reading in Hindi-English bilingual adults.

Invitation for participating in the Indo-US Psycholinguistic Study