NGO Registration Number: S-68958/2010

The year was 2000. One special educator, one child, a table, a chair and plenty of determination is all it took. Voila, Orkids was an entity! Orkids was born because of the sheer will to reach out to those families who did not have access to the handful of special educational services spread thin all over the city.
Over the last two decades, Orkids has worked determinedly towards building awareness of the diverse needs of children. It has reached out not only to schools and teachers but also to parents, offering them professional expertise and a shoulder to lean on. Slowly with more clinics in and around the city, Orkids shifted gears and started professional development modules for trained as well as untrained teachers. This was aimed at reducing the scarcity of special educators in the city and later in various states. More trained professionals meant more children being catered to. This is the simple philosophy of Orkids. Clinics, training programs, SEN centres within schools, consultancy to hand-hold schools willing to start their own SEN programs, parent empowerment, community outreach services, research and development – Orkids has made a conscious decision to make a difference in all aspects that inspire Inclusion.
ORKIDS serves as the voice for children with special education needs by leading them towards the attainment of their full potential in an inclusive society.